Thursday, April 19, 2007


Speaking of lullabies, the other song in my tiny bed-time repertoire is, ironically enough, Wake Up Song from an album with Swedish jazz star Viktoria Tolstoy. Oh, by the way, kid does not know English (other than by name) but enjoys it nonetheless.

WAKE UP SONG (Esbjörn Svensson / Per Holknekt)

Listen little love of mine,
Time to wake up, rise and shine,
A new day's here to show me all
The colors thru your baby eyes.

Get up sweetheart take my hand,
Show me to the promised land,
I need you there to tell me all
Is well and help me understand.

Open up the skies
Come heavenly surprise
You are my guiding miracle,
You show me and my spirit flies.

You're my angel here with me,
Help me see, what you can see...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Computer graphics, photography, kids - continuing the subjects from the last post, there is a delicate song/poem by Suzanne Vega called Night Vision. I once planned to render a path traced scene with table, guitar, glass, gradually appearing out of the grain, accompanied by these lyrics. (Path tracing is a rendering method that shares its grainy quality with low-light photography.) And nowadays I'm singing this song for the boy as a lullaby...
NIGHT VISION (Suzanne Vega)

By day give thanks, by night beware
Half the world in sweetness, the other in fear

When the darkness takes you, with her hand across your face
Don't give in too quickly, find the things she's erased

Find the line, find the shape through the grain
Find the outline and things will tell you their name

The table, the guitar, the empty glass
All will blend together when the daylight has passed

Find the line, find the shape through the grain
Find the outline and things will tell you their name

Now I watch you falling into sleep
Watch your fist uncurl against the sheet
Watch your lips fall open and your eyes dim
In blind faith

I would shelter you and keep you in light
But I can only teach you
Night vision...

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The renderer is dead - long live the blog (and the kids)

Well, three years and two child births later, it is obvious that my pet project ray tracer died shortly after I created a blog for it. Or at least it's put on a very long hold. No loss - being a dad is so much more inspiring, and my desire to chase those eluding photons is nowadays fulfilled through photography... Anyway, I did put up a small museum of images from my "rateracer" renderer in my photo album. And, what with the sudden blogging frenzy that runs in the family, I thought I might as well revive this feeble attempt of a blog. Until I change my mind, I will write in English because I enjoy it. (If you find this annoying, then) Stop. -Me.

Monday, April 2, 2007

RateRacer blog moved here...

Ye olde blogge much needed a fresh restart, a new layout and a name proper. Thus it moves. In its home anew it enjoys all the post-beta neo-features of its Googlish host.