Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The renderer is dead - long live the blog (and the kids)

Well, three years and two child births later, it is obvious that my pet project ray tracer died shortly after I created a blog for it. Or at least it's put on a very long hold. No loss - being a dad is so much more inspiring, and my desire to chase those eluding photons is nowadays fulfilled through photography... Anyway, I did put up a small museum of images from my "rateracer" renderer in my photo album. And, what with the sudden blogging frenzy that runs in the family, I thought I might as well revive this feeble attempt of a blog. Until I change my mind, I will write in English because I enjoy it. (If you find this annoying, then) Stop. -Me.


Mia said...

Läcker layout alltså!! Ser fram emot fler inlägg! /svägerskan

Mia said...

Kan tipsa om https://www.google.com/adsense/login3 (om du vill tjäna några cent - vi har kommit upp i snart 8 dollar med våra tre bloggar) samt en bra statistiksajt http://susnet.se/tjanster/

Har jag förresten gett er länken till http://pillpyssel.blogspot.com ?

Mia said...

Snygg klocka! Matchar ju!